Resume of: Mark Crocker


To improve my software development skill set in a way that provides an intellectual challenge and new learning experience. My preference would be to work with Java technologies.

Qualifications Highlights

  1. Project lead for Simplicity Enterprise (A J2EE development environment with built-in Servlet container).
  2. Server administration experience, primarily with Apache (see and related Java Servlet, Perl, CGI and SSI features) and Jetty (embedded in Simplicity Enterprise), though I also have some experience with BEA Weblogic, JBoss and HPAS as well.
  3. Extremely computer literate with experience in several operating systems and several programming languages including Java, Perl, C-Shell Script, Rexx and others.
  4. Highly motivated and able to concentrate on details.


Data Representations: 2000-Nov-06 - present

Currently working on a legacy rejuvenation project and the commercial version of the Purifier project, a pure Java J2ME preverifier.

As the project leader of Data Representations' flagship product, Simplicity Enterprise, I extended an existing Java RAD tool from the application realm into the J2EE realm. Responsibilities included product design, coding, testing and technical support. Embedding and modifying the Jetty Server and Servlet Container were among the tasks required to accomplish this. Other projects included simple robot control, work on a Java Byte Code preverifier and some exposure to J2ME.

Micron Semiconductor Inc.: 1993 Jan - 2000-Nov-03

Managed an SDRAM design database. This involved layout editing, simulation, and general schematic editing among other duties. Also managed several other design databases as well as doing product debug. Worked on tracking parts, doing statistical process control analysis, debug and deprocessing prior to database management.

Also did some software development, web site management and CGI programming. Ran a small Apache Intranet Web site at Micron on an OS/2 platform with Perl CGI, Java Servlets and a JDBC to Sybase gateway.

Mosaid (Subcontracted from Semiconductor Insights Inc.): 1992 September 15 to December 24.

Performed a complete digital simulation for a 16M DRAM that was in the final stages of design. Also worked with UNIX C-Shell and C-Shell scripting.

Semiconductor Insights Inc.: 1989 June to 1992 December

Published two reports detailing the results of my analysis of the design of two fast 256K SRAMs and a design analysis of a 16M DRAM. Secondary duties include computer maintenance, minor programming and microscopy. I noticed an impending crisis in microscopy and started research on the purchase of a new advanced imaging system to meet Semiconductor Insight's future needs. Before leaving SI, I was offered the job of heading up the research project to develop or purchase a new microscopy system.

Software work included the development of several AutoCad Lisp routines to customize and automate schematic capture along with Word Perfect macros to facilitate conversion from Word Perfect to the Desktop publishing platform.

Honeywell Limited - Advanced Technology Center: 1988 May to August

Developed software for analysis and design of integrated navigation control systems. Duties included programming, debugging and testing of software in FORTRAN, C and UNIX C-shell script language. Other duties were the development of software tools for general use and recommendation of new software tools and ideas for changes to existing ones: my idea of linking all the sections of a large software package led to a faster, more compact, and easier to use product. Essentially independent working conditions allowed me to hone my ability to work on my own.

Mining Resource Engineering Limited: 1986 & 1987 May to August

Assisted in design, construction, programming (in 6502 and 6809 assembly languages) and testing of a prototype vibration monitoring device for a mining environment. Other duties included repair of other electronic instruments for mining use. My contributions included the recommendation to change micro-processors and my analysis of an NMR probe for explosives was instrumental in the management decision to have the probe built by a sub-contractor.

Rockwell International of Canada Limited - Collins Canada Division: 1985 May to August

The major portion of this job was assembly of parts for an Air Communications System and other similar systems. The other major duty was parts ordering and inventory for these projects. I introduced the idea of using a personal computer for the inventory rather than waiting a week for the Dallas main-frame to be updated. I was also in charge of the machine shop for two weeks during plant shut-down.

Mitel Corporation: 1984 May to August

Phone and modem installation and trouble shooting. Typical duties included moving large blocks of phones from one area to another, installing phones and modems in new parts of the building complex and debugging problems with the older systems. I also helped to find a serious database error in the PABX and set up a phone network testing room for up to 10,000 phones and modems.

Bike Doctors: 1980-3 summers

Franchise owner of a mobile bicycle repair business. Duties included bicycle repair, inventory control, accounting and advertising. Later, I worked in one of the two stores that we bought.


Self Study: "Thinking In Java, 2nd ed.", "IBM's Java Applet Workshop" (see Panorama Applet Demo), "Internet Game Programming with Java in 21 Days" (see Happy Face Applet).

Continued Education: Masters in progress from NTU. VLSI Design, Semiconductor Device Theory Part I and Part II, MOS Analog Circuit Design and Introduction to XML Completed so far.

Undergraduate Education: BscE. in Engineering Physics (electrical option) completed in May of 1989 from Queen's University. Engineering Physics provides a wide range of courses that encompass many aspects of engineering and physics.

Speaking Engagements

Warpstock 2001-Oct-06 to 08

Gave a presentation at Warpstock 2001, an OS/2 users conference, on server side Java programming with Simplicity Enterprise.

JavaOne 2002-Mar-25 to 29

Spoke at the Jetty Birds Of a Feather presentation on how I successfully embedded Jetty into Simplicity Enterprise.


Code test required by ThoughtWorks.

Online Perl test administered by Know It All and requested by Seven Seas Technologies. 60% is considered knowledgeable, so my score of 73% was fairly good.


Available upon request.

Sports and Hobbies

Active in badminton and cycling.



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