Chanticler Flowers

These are some pictures from the front entrance of Chanticler here in Millburn. The facility is really extremely pretty, though it is hard to capture it with a camera.

Only two pictures are of the inside of the grounds. The rest are my attempt to capture the surprising beauty of the sidewalk along Millburn Avenue next to Chanticler. The trees from the parking lot over hang the sidewalk making for a strangely enclosed garden feeling. When the wind blows, the petals fall and it looks like it is snowing. Unfortunately, this effect is not visible in the pictures below. You can get some hint of it by noticing that the ground is almost covered in white petals in several of the picutures.

This year, I managed to catch the flowers in full bloom.

Flower Picuture Image map dc0033l.jpg dc0035l.jpg dc0036l.jpg dc0037l.jpg dc0038l.jpg dc0041l.jpg dc0042l.jpg dc0043l.jpg dc0044l.jpg dc0045l.jpg dc0047l.jpg image12.jpg

There are also some pictures of the Chanticler front entrance in the pictures I took last year in my Walk to Work collection.

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