Walk to Work Flowers

These are the flowers I used to see on the walk home from work on my usual route. Unfortunately, I missed the peak of the blooming (spring 2002) and there was a heat wave that wilted a lot of the flowers, so these aren't nearly as pretty as they were the week before. The pink flowers on the trees were so thick, that the leaves were completely obscured! Now all you see is the carpet of pink on the ground underneath them.

Flower Image map image02.jpg image03.jpg image04.jpg image05.jpg image07.jpg image08.jpg image09.jpg image10.jpg image11.jpg image12.jpg image13.jpg image14.jpg image15.jpg image16.jpg image17.jpg image18.jpg image19.jpg image20.jpg image21.jpg image22.jpg image23.jpg image24.jpg image25.jpg image26.jpg image27.jpg image28.jpg image29.jpg image30.jpg image31.jpg image32.jpg image33.jpg image34.jpg image35.jpg image36.jpg image37.jpg image39.jpg image40.jpg image41.jpg image42.jpg

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