Welcome to the Purifier1 Manual

Attention: The Purifier project has been re-tasked as a commercial product, Purifier2. The original, open source, Purifier1 version is still available. However, for technical reasons, it cannot be made to guarantee that the results are always identical to Sun's preverifier. The Purifier2 commercial version, which is still under development, uses a significantly different architecture to provide better compatibility. See the Project Status section of the Home page for more details.

The following documentation is from the original Purifier1 project and is provided for those who are interested in the project despite its current status.

This is just a first (and last) pass at the documentation. Since the Purfier1 code is not complete, the documentation is also incomplete.


  1. Introduction

    A short description of what this is all about.

  2. Developers Guide

    How the Purifier1 works for those interested in Purifier1 development.

  3. Application Programmers Guide

    How to use the Purifier from other applications.

  4. Application Programmers Interface

    JavaDocs for the Purifier (Note: won't be really useful till after the project has been refactored).

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