Purifier1 Special Cases

Integer Overriding Bogus

Brief Description

There is a case where the conflict resolution should be leaving a StackMapType entry as an ITEM_Bogus, but it is getting resolved to an ITEM_Integer.


Problem needs more investigation.

Action Items

  1. Check resolver logs.

Test Cases Exhibiting Integer Overriding Bogus Issue

Test Cases Exhibiting Integer Overriding Bogus Issue
Package Class Method Method # Effect Source
org.spruce.midp.alarmclock e paint 8 Fails midlet.org


This looks like a case where most of the junk data is unambiguous and gets converted to nulls as they should be, but one item has no conflict and is left as an ITEM_Integer, so the StackMap printer doesn't fill in an ITEM_Bogus for the null that should be there.


org.spruce.midp.alarmclock.e.paint provides an example of this issue and is shown below.

Source Code

Not available yet


The following byte code is from the compiled and preverified class file created from the source in the previous section. The StackMap has been reformatted for readability.

Not avaialable yet

Data Flow Analysis



None at the moment.

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