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new 2001-Aug-22 00:46 Pretty much everything below is wrong. I've moved my site to a new server, but I'm moving to a new place soon, so I won't be able to update this for a few weeks. Sorry for the mis-information.

The web server that runs this site is an Apache HTTP Server with a Jakarta Tomcat Java Servlet Container running on an OS/2 Warp 4 machine.

The Apache documentation is available from this web site.

So What Can it Do?

Well, there's all sorts of things that this web server can do....

Java Servlets

I have had Jakarta-tomcat working as a stand alone server for quite some time, but I've finally got it to work as an add-on to Apache thanks to an OS/2 programmer, Eugen Kuleshov <> who has ported mod_jk to OS/2. It is under testing on this server. At this moment it is still in the default configuration. I hope to change that soon and get some of the "grayed" out stuff below working again.

The standard tomcat examples are available from:

Now I have a WebMacro Wiki running on this server too. The Wiki itself is a Servlet application that uses the WebMacro template engine for page generation. See SavaJe Wiki for more information.


inf-HTML provides access to OS/2 .inf files via the inf-html CGI package. OS/2 uses a different format of help files than Windows or UNIX. These are much more versatile than either, but require a special viewer. While there is a viewer available for Windows, it doesn't implement the complete capabilities of the OS/2 version. Another way to get access to these files from a Non-OS/2 machine is to use inf-HTML. This is a CGI based program the decodes .inf files and re-encodes them into HTML on the fly. Here are some examples of what it can do:

SSI (Server Side Includes)

Server side includes, using Apache's mod_include module, are working just fine now. Most documents that end in .shtml are parsed by the server. In addition, the default page for a directory, is still index.html, but if there isn't one, it will look for index.shtml as the alternate default. At first, I was just using this for creating the "Last Updated" date that you see in the footer of this and other documents.

Now, I'm also using this to generate a different banner image in the footer based on the time that the page was accessed. Check out the source code for this page and the footer page:

Since this is working, I've been able to convert my bookmarks to an SSI script instead of a CGI script. Consequently the URL for my bookmarks has changed (see link above).

CGI (Common Gateway Interface)

CGI is nothing new with web browsers. I have all sorts of CGI scripts available on this server. What's new, though, is a CGI script that randomly selects the "Best Viewed With Any Browser" logo that appears in the footer. Try reloading this web page and note that there's a different image each time. Cool huh? The source for this is available from

The problem is that this doesn't work with animated images. For some reason, the web image gets re-loaded each time the animation runs it's course. Consequently, it would hit the server several times. My solution was to use SSI to select the image based on the time that you requested this web page. As an additional benefit, this is much less resource intensive than CGI. See the source listings provided in the SSI section above.

Other goodies in the works

This server also supports SSL, mSQL and PHP3, but I haven't set all of that up yet. The only one, I've verified is SSL. Have a look at: Secure Test Page

Valid HTML 4.0!

This is a Tomcat-Gentoo powered web server. Thanks for using Apache Tomcat and Gentoo GNU/Linux!

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