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REXX & OS/2 online help

View the REXX online help 
Note for Users of Object-Oriented REXX (with or without Merlin): 
Depending on your default REXX Interpreter the file REXX.INF is either the 
file REXX.INF from the Classic REXX or the file OREXX.INF from 
Object-Oriented REXX If Object-Oriented REXX is the default REXX 
interpreter, the online help for Classic REXX is called CREXX.INF; if 
Classic REXX is the default REXX interpreter; the online help for 
Object-Oriented REXX is OREXX.INF. 
(Thanks to Dick Goran (see EMail Addresses) for this information) 
View the OS/2 command reference 
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