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Undocumented entries for PROGMAN.INI

The following information is from a message in one of the usenet forums: 
Add Restrictions for WinOS/2 
This might be of some assistance until you find a solution to your 
security problem.  When you get your WinOS2 sessions back in working 
order, you might be interested in disabling some of its functions by 
putting some lines in <bootdrive>:\OS2\MDOS\WINOS2\PROGMAN.INI. At the 
bottom of the file (or at the end of any section actually), start a new 
section called [Restrictions], then try any (or all) of the following 

  ; EditLevel=4 limits access to changing Groups and Items.

  ; NoSaveSettings=1 disables this option.

  ; NoRun=1 disables Run on the File menu

  ;  NoFileMenu=1 removes the File menu

  ;  NoClose=1 disable Close from the menus

 If you do not use the FileManager, then you can remove its Item icon. It 
can still be accessed by double clicking its OS/2 icon in the Drives 

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