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You cannot use the "environment variables" BEGINLIBPATH and ENDLIBPATH 
(OS/2 Version 3.0) in a REXX program. (I know these are not real 
environment variables.) 
Statements like 

  say "  BeginLibPath=<" || value( "BEGINLIBPATH " ,, "OS2ENVIRONMENT") || ">"
  say "    EndLibPath=<" || value( "ENDLIBPATH "   ,, "OS2ENVIRONMENT") || ">"

will always return 


To set the "variable" BEGINLIBPATH in a REXX program you must use the OS/2 
command SET: 


If you try to modify BEGINLIBPATH/ENDLIBPATH with the <SET command AND 
with the REXX function <VALUE at the same time, OS/2 produces a strange 
It creates two variables, both named BEGINLIBPATH (The correct variable is 
the variable with the blanks before and after the equal sign.). 
The environment variable BEGINLIBPATH set with the REXX function <VALUE is 
only accessible with %BEGINLIBPATH% - the REXX function <VALUE can't read 
the environment variable. 
To equalize this the CMD.EXE can't read the "variable" set with the SET 
command anymore if there's an environment variable set with the REXX 
function VALUE. 

By the way:  If you want to use the value of the "variable" BEGINLIBPATH 
             set with the SET command in other OS/2 commands with 
             %BEGINLIBPATH% you must write the name complete in uppercase. 
             But, of course, there's also an exception to this rule: 
             If you want to change the variable BEGINLIBPATH with a 
             command like SET BEGINLIBPATH=%BEGINLIBPATH%;C:\newPart you 
             can write BEGINLIBPATH in lowercase or mixed case also. 
 Additional note:  The CMD.EXE does some validation for the value for 
                   BEGINLIBPATH - a value for this variable is only 
                   accepted if all parts of the value (separated with a 
                   semicolon ;) contain at least one : or \. An invalid 
                   part of the value and all parts behind the invalid part 
                   are ignored. And last: the maximum length for 
                   BEGINLIBPATH is 1024 characters. 
 Before I forget: The described behavior is also true for ENDLIBPATH -- at 
 least one rule without an exception. 
 Last note:  BEGINLIBPATH and ENDLIBPATH are not supported by 4OS2 until 
             version 2.5a. JP Software recommends to use aliase like 

               BEGINLIBPATH=d:\path\cmd /c beginlibpath
               ENDLIBPATH=d:\path\cmd /c endlibpath
             if you really want to use them in 4OS2 version 2.5a. In 4OS/2 
             version 2.51b, JP Software has fixed the problems that 4OS/2 
             was having with BEGINLIBPATH/ENDLIBPATH.. 
 see also Detecting the LIBPATH values   

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