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Environment variables used by other OS/2 programs

This section contains some information about undocumented or poorly 
documented environment variables used by other OS/2 programs.   
    Points to the directory with the fixpack (used by SERVICE.EXE) 
    Points to the directory with the files from the kicker diskettes (used 
    by SERVICE.EXE) 
    Points to the configuration files for the Software Installer/2 
    (default is \OS2) 
    Points to the path for data files for the PIM from IBM Works 
    Undocumented environment variable for Dualstor (IBM) possible values: 
    d: no FIFO, D: use FIFO, x: 0.5 MBit/s, X: 1 MBit/s 
    Environment variable needed by Lotus 123 for video and audio playback 
    Environment variable used for CID installations. Warning: If this 
    variable is defined, all installation programs created with Software 
    Installer/2 will not display! 

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