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REXX ANSI Standard

There's now an ANSI standard for REXX. The REXX Standard number is X3.274. 
You can get a copy of the Standard from the ANSI at: 
  American National Standards Institute 
  Attn: Customer Service 
  11 West 42nd Street 
  New York, NY 10036 
  Phone: +1 212 642 4900 
  Fax:   +1 212 302 1286 
  (see Internet - Web Pages)

The document costs $125 (+S&H). 
A cheaper way for retrieving a copy of the standard is: 
Download the pre-publication PostScript draft version of the standard from 
Mike Cowlishaw's REXX home page (see Internet - Web Pages). This version 
is functional identical to the ANSI version. 
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"Since 1991, a technical committee has been preparing a document for a 
proposed American National Standard (ANSI Standard) for REXX. Here is the 
committee's charter: 
The project is for development of an American National Standard. The scope 
of this standard will be 'The REXX Language' described by Michael F. 
Cowlishaw in his book, altered as necessary to promote portability, 
reliability, maintainability and efficient execution of REXX programs on a 
variety of computing systems." 
The X3J18 committee has been operationg under the procedures of the 
American National Standards Institute (ANSI); the addresses of the 
Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Secretary are as follows: 
  B L Marks 
  IBM UK Laboratories 
  Hursley Park 
  Winchester, England SO21 2JN

  N F N Milsted 
  IX Corporation 
  575 W. Madison, Suite 3610 
  Chicago, IL 60661

  E Spire 
  The Workstation Group 
  6300 River Road 
  Rosemont, IL 60018

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