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Rexx Symposium

"The Rexx Symposium is a conference offering topics of interest for a wide 
audience.  Attendees are vendor developers, implementors of commercial and 
free interpreters, standards committee members, vendors of products that 
use Rexx, developers of Rexx function packages, contributors to news 
groups, and the Rexx Language Association (RexxLA) officers and members. 
This is primarily a technical exchange but also includes discussion of how 
to promote the use of the language. 
The Rexx Symposium, founded in 1990 by Cathie Burke Dager at the Stanford 
Linear Accelerator Center, is now cosponsored by the Rexx Language 
Association. Conferences are held annually in the spring and the location 
For further information, contact the RexxLA or Cathie Dager (see EMail 
Source: Cathie Dager (see EMail Addresses) 
(The reports of the REXX Symposiums are available at the REXX Homepage 
(see Internet - Web Pages).)   

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