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REXX Language Association

The REXX Language Association 
P.O.Box 14472 
Research Triangle Park 
NC 27709-4472

Email: (see Internet - Web Pages)

The Rexx Language Association was established to further the understanding 
and use of the Rexx programming language. With the release of Object Rexx 
and NetRexx, RexxLA has expanded its mission to include these languages as 
well. The Association is headquartered at the Research Triangle Park in 
North Carolina, and its international scope with members throughout the 
world. Supported by a dedicated group of volunteers, the Rexx Langauge 
Association provides many benefits for its members. 
In addition to a listserver which provides a forum for member discussions 
and assistance via email, RexxLA now has a website (see Internet - Web 
Pages). The members-only web pages feature news and articles of interest 
to Classic Rexx, Object Rexx, and Netrexx users. While currently under 
construction, there will be sample programs, shareware, reviews of Rexx 
packages, tips, tricks, and tutorials, as well as  a listing of commercial 
software written using a Rexx language. We also plan to print a newsletter 
to the best of the webpages, for saving and reference. If you have a Rexx 
question, RexxLA can provide you with the answer. 
RexxLA sponsors the annual Rexx Symposium which features presentations by 
recognized Rexx experts and practitioners, interesting products, and an 
opportunity to network and to learn from people who share your enthusiasm 
for Rexx. All of the major Rexx vendors attend, giving you the opportunity 
to interact directly with them and provide them with valuable feedback 
from the field. Usually held in the US, the Symposium was in Heidelberg, 
Germany this year (1997) to accommodate our many international members. A 
RexxLA membership also entitles you to a discounted registration fee at 
the Symposium. 
From the very first, the Rexx Language Association has been an active 
member of the commitee working on an ANSI Standard for REXX. That Standard 
has been approved, and we are now involved in drafting an ANSI Standard 
for Object Rexx and NetRexx. Your membership gives you a voice in this 
very important work. 
If you write sophisticated applications in Object Rexx, design 
Java-enhanced webpages with NetRexx, or simply use Rexx to make your life 
easier on any platform, the RExx Language Association has much to offer 
Join your colleagues in the RexxLA today!   

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