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"Compiling" REXX programs

I don't know of a real REXX compiler for OS/2 REXX. But because the REXX 
interpreter stores an tokenized copy of each REXX program in the EAs of 
the program, it is possible to delete the source code from REXX programs 
(see REXXCC). Another method to "compile" a REXX program is used by the 
program RxCLS ($). But this is also no real compiler. 
To "compile" an Object-Oriented REXX program you can use the program 
REXXC.EXE which is part of Object-Oriented REXX. REXXC.EXE creates the 
token image and saves it in a REXX cmd. This method avoids the 64 K limit 
for the token image. (see also the Creating "compiled" programs for 
Classic REXX and Object REXX) 
Another method to create a token image of your REXX program is to load the 
REXX program into the macro space and save the macro space into a file. 
This will produce a token image of your REXX program that you can reload 
into the macrospace and execute it from there. This method also avoids the 
64 K limit of the EAs. (see REXXCC - a REXX "compiler") 
In this case you need an additional loader to load the token image into 
the macro space again before you can execute it. 
Or use LoadMac.cmd to create and laod the token image: 

REM *** Create the token image

REM *** Load the image into the REXX macro space

REM *** Execute the image
REXXTRY call myprog myparms

REM *** Drop the image from the REXX macro space

REM *** or (if the image contains more than one macro)


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