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The RXQUEUE filter

The purpose of the RXQUEUE filter is to copy the output of an OS/2 program 
into a REXX queue (The RXQUEUE filter is the external program RXQUEUE.EXE 
- not the built-in function <RXQUEUE!) The syntax for RXQUEUE filter is: 

 |                                                |
 | >>--RXQUEUE--+-----------+--+--------+------>< |
 |              +-queuename-+  +-/FIFO--+         |
 |                             +-/LIFO--+         |
 |                             +-/CLEAR-+         |
 |                                                |
The RXQUEUE filter usually operates on the default queue named "SESSION". 
However, if an environment variable named "RXQUEUE" exists, the RXQUEUE 
value is used for the queue name. 
    This is the name of the queue to use. The queue must already exist. 
    The name of a queue can only contain the following characters: 
    'A'...'Z', '0'...'9', '.', '!', '?' and '_'. Lowercase letters are 
    converted to uppercase letters. 
    Stacks items from STDIN last in, first out (LIFO) on a REXX queue. 
    Queues items from STDIN first in, first out (FIFO) on a REXX queue. 
    Removes all lines from a REXX queue. 
 Note:  Again, do not confuse the RXQUEUE filter with the <RXQUEUE 
        built-in function! 
        Note further that you cannot use the RXQUEUE filter to write a 
        REXX queue to STDOUT - you've to write a REXX program to do this 
        task. (see Write the REXX Queue to STDOUT for an example). 

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