REXX Tips & Tricks, Version 2.80

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The syntax for PMREXX is: 

 |                                                       |
 | >>--PMREXX---+----+--+-------------+-+-----------+->< |
 |              +-/Q-+  +-rexxprogram-+ +-parameter-+    |
 |              +-/T-+                                   |
 |                                                       |
 |                                                       |

    Close PMREXX after the REXX program ends (no "The program has ended" 
    message box) 
    Start PMREXX in trace mode 
    Name of the rexx program 
    Parameter for the REXX program 
 All parameter, except rexxprogram, are optional. 
 Using PMREXX with the parameter /Q is useful for simple programs which 
 only need to show a PM messagebox (using <RxMessageBox). For an example 
 see Saving the Desktop (3.0) 
 (see Run a REXX program under a specific environment on how to force a 
 program to run under PMREXX) 
 Please note that you cannot use OS/2 commands that change the environment 
 in a REXX program running under PMREXX. You have to use a similar REXX 
 function for that purpose (e.g. <directory() instead of <CD, <VALUE() 
 instead of <SET, etc.). 
 Warning:  The default address environment for a REXX program started via 
           PMREXX in WARP 3 is PMREXX; the default environment in WARP 4 
           is CMD. Therefore, you cannot distinguish between the 
           environments using <ADDRESS() in WARP 4! 
 Note:  see also PMPopup/2 if you only want to use simple dialog boxes in 
        REXX programs. 

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