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OS/2 Central Forum

Do you feel like you're the only OS/2 user on CompuServe? 
Are you looking for a place to learn about OS/2 tips and tricks, to find 
out about new applications and to share experiences with other OS/2 users? 

Interested in learning more about OS/2? 
Come visit the new OS/2 Central forum that was created to provide a 
friendly OS/2 Community. 
The OS/2 Central Forum includes discussion areas for all aspects of using 
OS/2 WARP.  It covers topics ranging from tips and techniques for the new 
user just installing OS/2 WARP to advice for the small office/home office 
environment to the latest advances for corporate developers and users. 
Discussion areas have been established for Netscape Navigator and 
plug-ins, graphic tools, Internet/Intranet, Java/Javascript, REXX, 
Jobs/Contracts, Team OS/2, mobile computing and Voicetype.  These 
discussion areas are staffed by leading experts from the OS/2 community. 
GO OS2CFORU to find friendly OS/2 folk and to discover the latest news in 
the world of OS/2. 
(see also CompuServe & Co)   

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