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CompuServe & Co

Other good sources for REXX software are the commercial online services, 
for example CompuServe. 
In CompuServe the following forums are interesting for REXX programmers: 
 OS/2 Central Forum (GO OS2CFORU) 
    Section 18: REXX (forum and library) 
 OS/2 Central Developer Forum (GO OS2DF1) 
    Section 10: REXX (forum and library) 
 Codeport Forum (GO CODEPORT) 
    Section 8: REXX (forum and library) 
 Other forums in CompuServe which might be useful for users of the 
 (commercial) products mentioned: 
 Quercus (GO PCVENA) 
    Quercus produces Personal REXX for DOS, Windows and OS/2 as well as 
    REXXTERM, a comm program (see Internet - Web Pages) 
 Hockware (GO OS2AVE) 
    Hockware supports its VisproREXX PM development facility in the IBM 
    OS/2 Vendor A Forum 
 GPF Systems (GO OS2AVE) 
    GPF (GUI Programming Facility) supports its PM GPFREXX development 
    facility in the IBM OS/2 Vendor A Forum 
 Watcom (GO PCVENH) 
    Watcom, producer of the PM VX-REXX development facility, can be 
    located in the PC Vendor H Forum 

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