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RxLBox - menu routine in REXX

Name     RxLBox - menu routine in REXX 
Version  v1.30, 01.03.98
Author   Bernd Schemmer 
Distrib. free for privat use 
Type     REXX CMD 
Price    -
Source   BBS 
         Name: RXLBOX13.* 

RXLBOX is a textmode menu program for OS/2 written in REXX. 
RXLBOX needs no further DLLs - even REXXUTIL is not needed. RXLBOX uses 
only ANSI sequences and ASCII codes to implement the menu. 
RXLBOX uses the cursor keys, function keys and a command line for 
navigating through the menus. Nested menus are also supported. RXLBOX also 
supports menus for user input. 
RXLBOX is completly configurable using a menu description file (including 
menus, messages, online help screens, function keys and macros). 
RXLBOX also supports an external message handling routine for language 
dependent usage. 
RXLBOX uses REXX as macro language in the menu description file. 
New in version 1.30 is the support for the EXTPROC feature of the CMD.EXE 
(see also The EXTPROC command)   

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