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CMDLINE - extended input routine

Name     CMDLINE - extended input routine 
Version  v1.0, 1994 
Author   Albert Crosby 
         (see EMail Addresses)
Distrib. Freeware 
Type     REXX routine 
Price    -
Source   BBS 
         Name: CMDLINE1.* 

Description from the author: 
"CmdLine is a pair of REXX library functions that I wrote to implement the 
OS/2 command line features in REXX. 
Its features are almost identical to the OS/2 command line when KEYS ON is 
in effect.  It has additional functions that many OS/2 REXX programmers 
may find useful.  In fact, it has most of the features needed to create a 
complete full screen data entry application."   
See also:  CMDLINE.CMD 

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