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RXXMATH - Arbitrary Precision Math Functions for REXX

Name     RXXMATH - Arbitrary Precision 
                   Math Functions for REXX 
Version  v1.3 1996 
Author   John Brock 
         (see EMail Addresses)
Distrib. Freeware 
Type     REXX CMDs 
Price    -
Source   BBS 
         Name: RXXMATH.* 

Description from the author: 
"RXXMATH is an extremely easy-to-use math package which may be called as 
an external routine from REXX or invoked from the command line.  RXXMATH 
is true to the spirit of REXX math in that it will calculate results to 
arbitrary precision.  Because RXXMATH is itself written entirely in REXX 
it should port essentially unchanged to any environment which supports 
REXX.  (RXXMATH was originally written for VM/CMS, but the author has also 
run it under MVS/TSO, IBM PC DOS 7, and OS/2).  Note that along with the 
basic math functions RXXMATH has an interpretative calculator function 
which may be used to evaluate complex mathematical expressions, or even 
used as a interactive 'REXX shell'." 
The following functions are supported: 
   *  FACT(x)    --  Factorial of x 
   *  PERM(x,y)  --  Permutations of x by y 
   *  COMB(x,y)  --  Combinations of x by y 
   *  SQRT(x)    --  Square root of x 
   *  POW(x,y)   --  x to the power of y 
   *  LOG(x,y)   --  Log of y base x 
   *  EXP(x)     --  e to the power of x 
   *  LN(x)      --  Natural log of x 
   *  PI()       --  Value of pi 
   *  SIN(x)     --  Sine of x 
   *  COS(x)     --  Cosine of x 
   *  TAN(x)     --  Tangent of x 
   *  COT(x)     --  Cotangent of x 
   *  SEC(x)     --  Secant of x 
   *  CSC(x)     --  Cosecant of x 
   *  ARCSIN(x)  --  Inverse sine of x 
   *  ARCCOS(x)  --  Inverse cosine of x 
   *  ARCTAN(x)  --  Inverse tangent of x 
   *  ARCCOT(x)  --  Inverse cotangent of x 
   *  ARCSEC(x)  --  Inverse secant of x 
   *  ARCCSC(x)  --  Inverse cosecant of x 
   *  CALC(x)    --  Calculate the value of an expression (e.g. '1 + 
      exp(pi() / 2)') 

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