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LAN Server Management Tools

Name     LAN Server Management Tools 
Version  v2.03 11/96
Author   Alain Rykaert, IBM Belgium 
         (see EMail Addresses)
Distrib. ? 
Type     REXX Program 
Price    -
Source   BBS 
         Name: LSMT200.* 

Description of the author: 
"The major purpose of the tools is to help the novice as well as the 
experienced LAN Server administrator to migrate, update and/or maintain 
his LAN Server domain(s). 
The tools allow the administrator to extract the information of his 
current LAN Server environment into ASCII files, change it and use it to 
apply these changes to the same or to a newly installed environment. 
Therefore these tools are useful to: 
   *  Backup a LAN Server domain 
   *  Restore a backuped version 
   *  Migrate (for example from LAN Server 3.0 to 4.0 or WarpServer) 
   *  Consolidate 
   *  Restructure the actual domain definitions 
 The programs are written in REXX not only to enable you to adjust them to 
 your own needs but also to demonstrate the usability and easiness of 
 REXX. We have written the programs to meet following objectives: 
 The command files have to: 
   *  be easy to read and debug by any user who is familiar with REXX 
   *  be easy to upgrade to a PM environment by using programs such as 
      VX-Rexx, VisPro-Rexx, GPF-Rexx, DrDialog and so on 
   *  provide external customable files for proper convenience such as 
      column length, language and so on 
   *  provide error and logging facilities for all activities 
 This program is mentioned here as very good example for using the REXX 
 DLLs from LAN Server or WARP Server.   

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