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Basic Netware functions for REXX ($)

Name     Basic Netware functions for REXX 
Version  v1.2, 1996 
Author   Martin Brampton 
         Moore Stephens 
         Chartered Accountants 
         St Paul's House 
         Warwick Lane 
         London EC4p 4BN 
         United Kingdom 
         Phone: +44-171-334-9191
         Fax:   +44-171-248-3408
         (see EMail Addresses)
Distrib. Shareware 
Type     REXX DLL 
Price    _25
Source   BBS 
         Name: MSNWRX12.* 

The DLL provides the following functions for basic Netware access: 
   *  MSNWDefaultName() 
   *  MSNWCheckUser( Server, Username, Password ) 
   *  MSNWAttach( Server, Username, Password ) 
   *  MSNWMap( Server, Volume, Drive, Path ) 
   *  MSNWSListServers() 
   *  GetConnctn() 

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