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FileREXX - File I/O & IOCTL for REXX

Name     FileREXX - Datei I/O & IOCTL 
Version  2/95
Author   Jeff Glatt 
         6 Sycamore Drive East 
         New Hartford, NY 13413 
         Phone: +1 (315) 735-5350
Distrib. Freeware 
Type     REXX DLL 
Price    -
Source   BBS 
         Name: FILERE.* 

Description from the author: 
"FILEREXX.DLL is a REXX Function Library.  It adds "commands" to the REXX 
language, which a REXX script (i.e., program) can call.  These commands 
offer alternatives to the REXX file reading/writing routines which make it 
possible to access the same files from multiple running scripts (i.e., 
allow file sharing). FileRexx also makes it much easier to read/write 
files containing binary values.  There are also routines which vastly 
simplify device (i.e., driver) I/O, and make some driver control possible 
which standard REXX doesn't allow.  Finally, FileRexx offers a lot more 
parsing options when reading a line, thus eliminating the need to parse a 
line into separate pieces, or using TRANSLATE to change the case." 
FILEREXX provides the following functions: 
   *  FileAddFuncs 
   *  FileDropFuncs 
   *  FileOpen 
   *  FileClose 
   *  FileRead 
   *  FileGets 
   *  FileReadValue 
   *  FileWrite 
   *  FilePuts 
   *  FileWriteValue 
   *  FileSeek 
   *  FileDevIOCtl 
   *  FileGetInfo 
   *  FileDeleteFile 
   *  FileMovefile 
   *  FileCopyFile 
   *  FileMkDir 
   *  FileRmDir 
   *  FileMatchFile 
   *  FileSearchPath 
   *  FileDriveMap 
   *  FleDevInfo 
   *  FileGetPath 
   *  FileEditName 
   *  FileSysInfo 
   *  FileIterateExe 
   *  FileBit 
   *  FileDoSleep 

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