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Graphics Mode Printing for REXX ($)

Name     Graphics Mode Printing for REXX 
Version  v1.5, 15/07/95
Author   ADD Consulting (CH)
         Peter Kanis 
         Via Suro 9 
         CH-7403 Rhaezuens 
         Phone: +41 (0) 81 630 2011 
         Fax:   +41 (0) 81 630 2015 
         (see EMail Addresses)
Distrib. Shareware 
Type     REXX DLL 
Price    $45
Source   BBS 
         Name: PRTGRAPH.* 

Description from the author: 
"The PRTGRAPH Dynamic Link Library for REXX gives you access to complex 
graphic printing functionality under REXX. The library is intended for use 
with PM development environments under REXX like VX-REXX, VisPor/REXX, 
Gpf/REXX etc.. but can also be used with the standard command line REXX 
With this library you will be able to create professional style reports 
and outputs for your REXX programs with images, boxes and text that can be 
justified, right or left aligned or centred and with documents that use up 
to 25 different font faces. 
The PRTGRAPH DLL allows you to define headers and footers and gives you 
access to a list of the printers connected to your workstation and their 
Job Properties dialogs." 

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