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ORexx/SQL Object Framework

Name     ORexx/SQL Object Framework 
Version  11/97
Author   John Blumel 
         (see EMail Addresses)
Distrib. Freeware 
Type     Object REXX Framework 
Price    -
Source   BBS 
         Name: orexxsql.* 

Description from the author: 
"The ORexx/SQL Object Framework is a set of ORexx classes which 
encapsulate Mark Hessling's Rexx/SQL interface to SQL databases available 
from Mark's Home page (see Internet - Web Pages) 
The Rexx/SQL interface provides cross platform (OS/2, UNIX, Win 95/NT), 
RDBMS independent (too many to list here, see the web page) access to SQL 
databases through a loadable external rexx library. The ORexx/SQL Object 
Framework extends this functionality by providing an extensible 
Object-Oriented interface to Rexx/SQL on platforms with ORexx 
implementations (currently OS/2 & Win 95/NT). The Framework further 
simplifies SQL database access by managing database connections and 
queries for the programmer and through its built in error handling 
The framework can be used in two ways, either as an OO wrapper for the 
Rexx/SQL interface or as a Streams based interface to a SQL database. 
Either of these interfaces can be used as the basis for more complex, 
reusable, application specific classes. 
When used as wrapper classes, you create connection, table and result 
table objects as needed and use the methods provided by these objects to 
query and update database tables. This gives you access to the entire 
functionality of the Rexx/SQL interface. 
When using the Streams interface, you create SQLStream objects which 
create and manage other SQL objects as needed. SQLStream objects allow you 
to access a database using an interface similar to that which standard 
Stream objects provide. 
In addition to providing an OO interface to Rexx/SQL, the classes have 
built in exception handling which can be customized or overridden. Using 
the Framework's exception handling eliminates the need for inline error 
checking and allows the programmer to write code which is easier to read 
and maintain. 
The ORexx/SQL Object Framework was developed and tested on Windows NT with 
an Oracle server. If you are using a different platform or database and 
experience problems using ORexx/SQL Objects let me know and I'll try to 
incorporate any necessary changes into future versions"   

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