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Name     REXX/SQL - 
         A REXX interface to SQL databases 
Version  2.2
Author   Mark Hessling 
         (see EMail Addresses)
Distrib. Freeware (GNU)
Type     REXX DLL & EXE 
Price    -
Note     w/ source 
Source   at the home page of 
         Mark Hessling 
         (see Internet - Web Pages)
         (see Internet - FTP sites)
         Name: see below 

Description from the author: 
"REXX/SQL provides a simple interface for REXX programs to access SQL 
databases through a number of external functions. REXX/SQL is intended to 
provide a consistant interface to all SQL databases." 
REXX/SQL is distributed under the GNU General Public License. 
The source code for each database interface code is in a separate archive 
file. The general format of the archive files is: 
where: ??? is the TLA for the database port, nn is the version number and 
ext is the archive file type. Eg. the REXX/SQL Oracle port for Version 2.0 
in compressed tar file format is: rxsqloraos2_20.tar.z. 
The other archives are named rxsqldb2os2_20.*, rxsqlminos2_20.*, and 
Documentation, in Postscript and HTML is available in rxsqldocnn.ext and 
sample programs are in rxsqlsamnn.ext. 
The documentation is intended as both a user's guide and a reference guide 
for implementors of REXX/SQL on other database and operating system 
(see also ORexx/SQL Object Framework)   

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