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REXX DosStartSession Tool

Name     REXX DosStartSession Tool 
Version  v2.1, 10/31/1995
Author   Bruce E. Högman
         (see EMail Addresses)
Distrib. Freeware 
Type     REXX DLL /w source 
Price    -
Source   BBS 
         Name: RxRun.* 

Description from the author: 
"RXRUN was designed to support complex remote install processing 
requirements that run other programs or install programs for software 
products and then returns to continue processing.  This project was 
prompted by questions received at IBM Boca Raton FL customer support from 
large enterprise customers doing in-house application development and 
doing large scale migration projects. 
RxRun is a REXX external function written in REXX with an external 
function .DLL written in C that lets you run programs from within a REXX 
program and wait on their termination.  The invoked program can be any 
type of session window and any type of mode (OS/2, DOS, and WINOS2)." 
Exported functions: 
           Start a session 
           Switch focus to a specific session 
           Hide the current session 
           Minimize the  current session 
           Retrieve the title of the current session 
           Set the title for the current session in the window list 
           Remove a session from the window list 
           Check a string against a mask 

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