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Name     VREXX 
Version  1.1 (1992)
Author   Richard B. Lam 
         IBM T.J. Watson Research Center 
         Route 134 POB 218 
         Yorktown Heights, NY 10598 
         (see EMail Addresses)
Distrib. Freeware, IBM EWS 
Type     REXX DLL 
Price    -
Source   BBS 
         Name: VREXX2.* 
         (see Internet - Web Pages)

Description from the author: 
"VREXX is Visual REXX - a new way for OS/2 users to create their own 
Presentation Manager (PM) programs using REXX!  VREXX provides users with 
a set of functions that can be called from REXX procedures. These 
functions open and close standard PM windows, providing programmable 
control over the appearance and positioning of the windows.  Dialog box 
functions allow file selection, display of messages, entering numbers or 
text strings, and making single or multiple selections through 
radiobutton, checkbox or listbox controls.  Table, Color and font 
selection dialogs are also available.  And, graphics functions for setting 
pixels, drawing markers, lines, polygons, splines, arcs, circles and text 
(in multiple fonts) are included." 
VREXX is very useful for little programs - for more complex applications 
you should use some other GUI package (for example Rexx Dialog). 
See DelClass.Cmd for an example of using VREXX. 
Note:   If you're going to develop programs using VREXX you should have a 
        tool like PSPM handy. 

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