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DrDialog - visual REXX programming

Name     DrDialog - visual REXX programming 
Version  v3.27, 10.04.1994
Author   David C. Morrill 
         IBM T.J. Watson Research Center 
         (see EMail Addresses)
Distrib. IBM internal use only 
Type     Tool for programming 
         PM REXX programs 
Price    -
Source   IBM Developer Connection CD 

DrDialog is a very good tool to develop PM applications in REXX. You can 
use DrDialog to develop event driven REXX programs with PM GUI. 
You can download DrDialog from the IBM Developer Connection Web page (see 
Internet - Web Pages). You've to register for guest access to do it, but 
don't worry - it's free. 

Note:  From time to time DrDialog is also available in the IBM BBS in 
       Stuttgart Ehningen, the archive name is: DRDIALOG.* . 
 Warning:  There seems to be problems using an older version of DrDialog 
           or programs created with an older version of DrDialog under 
           OS/2 WARP 4! 
 ---------- * ----------
 "There is a problem running DrDialog programs under Object REXX if they 
 use DrsAide (as shipped) controls.  Because Object REXX parses the entire 
 file before running, many times syntax errors which would go undetected 
 under "Classic" REXX are in fact detected.  There is just such a syntax 
 error in the DrsAide utility. 
 To fix the problem, open the DRSAIDE.RES file from the DrDialog File Menu 
 option.  Double-Click the ICONBUTTON (the only control visible other than 
 the DIALOG).  The DrRexx Code editor should appear with the ICONBUTTON 
 section open.  Click the "Drop-" tab and use the spin-button under the 
 edit window to bring up the Class code.  At the very end, on its own 
 line, type END.  Save the file.  And now everything should work." 
 Source: Thos Davis (see EMail Addresses)   

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