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GetObj - Get the data of WPS objects

Name     GetObj - Get the data of WPS objects 
Version  V1.11, 1/97
Author   Bernd Schemmer 
Distrib. Freeware,
Type     REXX program 
Price    -
Source   BBS 
         Name: GBJ111.* 

GETOBJ creates a list containing the data for all objects in a folder (and 
it's sub folder) for example your desktop folder. For each object the 
title, the class, the setup string and the location is shown. 
GETOBJ can also create a REXX program with SysCreateObject calls to 
recreate the objects. 
GETOBJ needs the DLL WPTOOLS.DLL from the WPTOOLS package. This DLL is 
included in this package.   

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