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Name     DMRxWPS 
Version  08/03/1996
Author   David MacMahon 
         (see EMail Addresses)
Distrib. Freeware for 
         privat use 
Type     REXX DLL 
Price    -
Note     for WARP & above only 
Source   BBS 
         Name: DMXRWPS.* 

Description from the author: 
"DMrxWPS.dll is a REXX library that provides a bridge between REXX scripts 
and some of the WPS related OS/2 API functions, referred to as "Win 
functions".  Its main purpose is to facilitate the installation and the 
reinstallation or updating of WPS classes.  The current version of DMrxWPS 
supports only three Win functions in addition to its own two "helper 
functions".  One of the Win functions, WinQueryObjectPath, is only 
available on WARP or above.  Calling its corresponding DMrxWPS function, 
WpsQueryObjectPath, will not work on version of OS/2 before WARP. 
Many of the Win functions are available in the RexxUtil REXX library. 
DMrxWPS is intended to supplement RexxUtil, not replace it.  The three Win 
functions included in DMrxWPS are WpsQueryObject, WpsQueryObjectPath, and 
WpsSetObjectData.  The first two functions were chosen because they can be 
used together to obtain the path to a WPFileSystem derived template in the 
Templates folder without knowing the path of the Templates folder itself. 
This path can then be used to manipulate the template using functions from 
RexxUtil.  The sample script DelTmplt.cmd (included with DMrxWPS and 
described in section 3) shows how this can be done." 
The dll provides the following functions: 
    Make the functions in DMRXWPS.DLL available to REXX. 
    Unload the DLL DMRXWPS.DLL 
    Get the object handle of an object with an object ID 
    Get the path of an object 
    Set the data of an object 

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