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RxCLS - a REXX 'compiler' ($)

Name     RXCLS - a REXX 'compiler'
         (quotes added by /bs - 
          see below)
Version  1.0, 1/1996
Author   Steven Higgins 
         41 Victoria Drive 
         Aston, PA 19014 
         (see EMail Addresses)
Distrib. Shareware 
Type     EXE 
Price    registered version: $10
Source   BBS 
         Name: RXCLS.* 

Description from the author: 
"RXCLS is a shareware program which compiles a REXX programs into a stand 
alone executable. RXCLS is a 32bit program designed to run on OS/2* 
version 2.x or greater." 
Well, the author did not say all: RXCLS does NOT compile REXX programs 
into machine readable code like other compilers. The only thing it does 
is: Create the token image of the REXX program and bind it with a little 
stub together to an EXE file. If called, the stub of the EXE calls the 
REXX interpreter to execute the included token image. 
To verify this you may set the environment variable TRACE to ON and call 
an EXE 'compiled' by RXCLS. 
But nevertheless RXCLS is fine done and useful if you want to hide your 
REXX source code. And this method does not have any compatibility problems 
through converting the REXX code, of course. 
The advantage of the method used by RXCLS compared to my free REXX 
"compiler" REXXCC: It avoids the 64 K limit and you don't have problems 
with the EAs. 
see also REXXCC - a REXX "compiler" and  REXX2EXE a REXX "compiler"   

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