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REXXCC - a REXX "compiler"

Name     REXXCC - a REXX "compiler"
Version  v3.21
Author   Bernd Schemmer 
Distrib. Freeware 
Type     "compiled" REXX 
Price    -
Source   BBS 
         Name: RCnnn.* 
         where nnn is the 
         version number 

REXXCC "compiles" an OS/2 REXX program by substituting the source code 
with any text. This is possible because the OS/2 REXX interpreter stores a 
tokenized copy of each executed REXX program in the EAs of the program. If 
you execute an OS/2 REXX program, the OS/2 REXX interpreter first checks, 
if the tokenized copy in the EAs is still valid and, if so, executes the 
tokenized copy and ignores the source code. 
Beginning with version 3.00 REXXCC can also compress REXX programs (this 
means: delete all leading and trailing whitespaces, all linefeeds and all 
Beginning with version 3.10 REXXCC also contains a REXX program to unpack 
packed or compressed REXX files. 
Beginning with version 3.20 REXXCC also contains a REXX program to use the 
macro space for creating token images of REXX programs. 
REXXCC is a command line program. But there is also a PM front-end for 
REXXCC called REXXCC/2 in the archive. REXXCC/2 uses Rexx Dialog for the 
PM interface. 
The current version of REXXCC is always available at the CompuServe in the 
same library as RXT&T (see Distribution)   
Note:  The format of the token image for REXX programs is the same since 
       OS/2 version 2.1. So you can use a REXX program "compiled" with 
       REXXCC on any OS/2 version since 2.1. 
       But: You can't use a "compiled" REXX program with the new 
       Object-Oriented REXX (see also "Compiling" REXX programs). 
 see also RxCLS - a REXX 'compiler' ($) and REXX2EXE a REXX "compiler"   

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