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RCF - REXX Code Formatter/2 ($)

Name     RCF - REXX Code Formatter/2
Version  Release 1.2.4
Author   RKE Consulting, Inc.
         P.O. Box 11569 
         Spring, TX 77391-1569
Distrib. Shareware 
Type     VisPro REXX Executable 
Price    $15
Source   BBS 
         Name: rcf2102e.* 

Description from the author: 
REXX Code Formatter/2 Description 
The REXX Code Formatter/2 (RCF/2) is an OS/2(*) REXX application written 
using VisPro/REXX(**) and VisPro/Reports(**).  It is designed to allow a 
REXX programmer to format a program in a particular style, insuring that 
the format of each element of the REXX program conforms to that style. 
Features of REXX Code Formatter/2 
Using this product, users may, for example: 
   *  Define the indentation to be used in general plus the amount for: 
        -  Program statements subordinate to DO and SELECT, 
        -  Statements that begin with THEN/ELSE, and 
        -  Continued statements. 
   *  Specify whether: 
        -  Lines are to be split at semicolons, 
        -  Redundant spaces are to be removed from program statements, 
        -  New lines are to start before or after THEN/ELSE keywords, and 
        -  END statements are to be indented to align with the 
           corresponding DO/SELECT subordinate statements. 
   *  Specify the formatting for: 
        -  REXX keyword Instructions, 
        -  REXX keywords besides those that begin a REXX keyword 
        -  Variables names, 
        -  Function names, and 
        -  Labels. 
        -  Define special formatting for selected function names. 
        -  Check for duplicate labels and insure all labels start on a new 
        -  Have RCF/2 create a file of label names as they appear in the 
        -  so that all references to them in the program (and even other 
           programs) will reflect this same format. 
        -  Align full-line, left-hand, and right-hand comments. 
        -  Generate a listing of the formatted program. 
 In addition, while RCF/2 is not a syntax-checker or code debugger, it 
 does provide some assistance in program development.  It can, for 
   *  Identify DO and SELECT instructions missing a corresponding END 
   *  Flag comments that are not started but not closed, and 
   *  Highlight literal strings with a missing quote. 
 New features in Release 1.2.0 are: 
   *  A cross reference facility for labels, variables, and function 
   *  Optional formatting notes if undefined function names are found. 
   *  The ability to add "Commented line numbers" to statements. 
   *  Landscape printing formats. 
   *  Right-hand alignment of full-line comments with extension and 
      truncation to allow for "boxing" of comments. 
   *  Specification of file name and directory for generated associated 
      label files. 
   *  Maintenance of multiple generated associated label file data in a 
      single file. 
   *  Separate formatting specification for the standard REXX built-in 
   *  The specification of the file to be edited as a parameter at RCF 
   *  The extension of the allowable indentation values to be up to 999. 
   *  Placement of the print specification in a separate page to 
      facilitate changing of printer specifications. 
   *  Use of WARP 4 notebook format for configuration settings when using 
      OS/2 WARP 4. 

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