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Additional Software for REXX

This section contains information about additional software (Tools, DLLs, 
EXEs and REXX-CMDs) for REXX. 
Included is only free software (Freeware, Public Domain) and selected 
shareware. To distinguish between free software and Shareware, the titles 
of sections about shareware are marked with a trailing dollar sign ($). 
The only exception from this rule is the IBM PC DOS 7 REXX Interpreter 
which is neither Shareware nor free software. 
If you're looking for further software or example programs for REXX, it's 
a good choice to take a look at any IBM BBS or another BBS with OS/2 
Software. You can also find a lot of software for REXX in the REXX forums 
of CompuServe or on the Internet. 
The most of the software is also available on good OS/2 CD-ROMs, for 
example the HOBBES OS/2 CD-ROM. 
In Deutschland ist die CD-ROM Top OS/2 Tools der Zeitschrift OS/2 Inside 
sehr zu empfehlen. Die Auswahl der Programme ist excellent und das 
Retrieval-Programm auf der CD-ROM ist das beste, was ich bisher gesehen 

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