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OS/2 2.11 Power Techniques

Title     OS/2 2.11 Power Techniques 
          Official IBM RedBook 
Author    misc., Advisors:
          Jerry A. Stegenga II (IBM)
          (see EMail Addresses)
          Adam Jollans (IBM)
          (see EMail Addresses)
Publisher Que Corporation 
Edition   First Edition, June 1994 
Price     ? 
          In Deutschland ca. 114,- DM 
ISBN      1-56529-286-3
Language  English
Type      Book, 1265 pages 
          incl. CD 
Source    BookStore

"OS/2 2.11 Power Techniques" is the best general reference about OS/2 I 
For REXX programmers, the very detailed section about the OS/2 ini files, 
the RC files to create the ini files and the setup strings for the WPS 
objects are of special interest. 
This book is a 'must have' for all people who want to do some changes to 
the WPS using REXX.   

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