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IBM: OS/2 Workplace Shell - Advanced Configuration

Title     IBM: OS/2 Workplace Shell - 
               Advanced Configuration 
          OS/2 Configurations:
               Cracking the Workplace 
Author    ?
Publisher IBM 
          IBM DOC: GG24-4201
Edition   First Edition (May 1994)
Price     - 
ISBN      -
Language  English
Type      INF-File (GG244201.INF)
          or book, 303 pages 
Source    The INF file is for example on 
          the IBM Developer Connection CD 

"This document describes interfaces to the Workplace Shell of OS/2 Version 
2.1. It provides a discussion and examples of using the CONFIG.SYS, .RC 
files, .INI files and programs to install, customize and distribute the 
OS/2 Workplace Shell in a stand-alone and distributed environment. 
This document was written for IBM Technical Professionals. Some knowledge 
of OS/2 is assumed." 

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