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Object REXX for Windows 95/NT

Title     Object REXX for Windows 95/NT
Author    Trevor Turton 
          Ueli Wahli 
          Ingo Holder 
Publisher Prentice-Hall
Edition   3/97
Price     $45.95
ISBN      0-13-858028-6
IBM No.   SG214-4825
Language  English
Type      Book, 576 pages 
Note      w/ CD-ROM
Source    Bookstore

 "An end-to-end introduction to object-oriented programming with the new 
release of Object REXX for Windows 95 and Windows NT. 
Learning IBM's Object REXX is the easiest way for procedural programmers, 
including REXX programmers, to move into object-oriented programming. This 
book is the first complete guide to using Object REXX in Windows 
environments. This book introduces IBM's new object-oriented language, 
Object REXX for Windows 95 and NT, presenting practical object-oriented 
techniques for developing commercial systems. Understand how Object REXX 
implements object-oriented techniques; walk through sample application 
development scenarios. Understand how to leverage advanced DB2/2 
facilities with Object REXX, and ensure security. Learn Object REXX 
Configuration Management techniques, and understand how Object REXX 
relates to IBM's SOM object model. Finally, understand the concurrency of 
Object REXX: the principle that objects can "run" independently, in 
parallel, with synchronization when needed." 
"The CD-ROM includes the working version of Object REXX, plus OODialog, an 
exclusive GUI builder, and a complete sample multimedia application." 
The book contains the following sections: 
   *  Part 1. Introducing Classic REXX and Object REXX 
        -  Chapter 1 Introducing Classic REXX 
        -  Chapter 2 Introducing Object REXX 
        -  Chapter 3 How Does Object REXX Implement OO? 
   *  Part 2. The Car Dealer Scenario 
        -  Chapter 4 The Car Dealer Application 
        -  Chapter 5 ASCII User Interface 
        -  Chapter 6 Persistent Objects on Disk 
        -  Chapter 7 Graphical User Interface 
        -  Chapter 8 Persistent Objects in DB2 
        -  Chapter 9 Using Advanced DB2/2 Features 
        -  Chapter 10 Data Security with Object REXX and DB2 
        -  Chapter 11 Configuration Management with Object REXX 
        -  Chapter 12 Object REXX and the World Wide Web 
   *  Part 3. Object REXX and Concurrency 
        -  Chapter 13 Object REXX and Concurrency 
   *  Part 4. Installing Object REXX and the Sample Applications 
        -  Chapter 14 Installing Object REXX, DB2 and the Sample 
   *  Part 5 Reference Information 
        -  Chapter 15 OODialog Method Reference 
        -  Chapter 16 WIndows Program Manager and Registry 
        -  Chapter 17 Object REXX Demonstration Workbench 
   *  Appendix A New Features in Object REXX and Migration 
   *  Appendix B Car Dealer Source Code 
   *  Appendix C Definition for Syntax Diagram Structure 
   *  Appendix D Special Notices 
   *  Appendix E Related Publications 
   *  Index 
 Additional information about this book (including the source code of the 
 examples) is available at the WWW (see Internet - Web Pages).   

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