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The REXX Sourcebook

Title     The REXX Sourcebook 
Author    Dirk Terrell 
          (see EMail Addresses)
Publisher - 
Edition   January 15, 1996 
Price     - 
ISBN      -
Language  English
Type      INF file 
Source    BBS
          Name: rs960115.* 

This is a collection of REXX information from various sources. This 
version contains: 
   *  Frequently Asked Questions About REXX 
   *  The REXX Tutorial for Complete Beginners from Paul Prescod 
   *  Six rules of thumb for beginning REXX programmes 
   *  REXXUTIL Information and Samples 
   *  The documentation for RxFTP - TCP/IP 
   *  The documentation for RXSOCK - TCP/IP Socket Services 

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