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REXX Report 1995

Title     REXX Report 
          Special publication of the 
          Magazine OS/2 Developer 
Author    -
Publisher Miller Freeman, Inc.
          REXX Report 
          P.O. Box 7046 
          San Francisco, CA 94120 
          Phone: +1 (415) 905 2200 
          Fax: +1 (415) 905 4967 
Edition   - 
Price     $7.95
ISBN      -
Language  English
Type      Magazine, 56 pages 
Source    Miller Freeman, Inc.

This issue contains the following articles: 
 REXX Trek-A Comparison of REXX Visual Builders 
 E-Mail Enabling REXX 
 PDS Transfers Using EHLLAPI in REXX 
 Intro to Workplace Shell Programming Using REXX 
 Object REXX˜HowCool 
 The Workplace Shell: Objects to the Core 
 Combining REXX and PostScript 
 Six Simple Code-Tuning Techniques 
 Designing REXX Programs for Multiple Languages 
 REXX Buyers Guide 

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