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IBM: OS/2 REXX: From Bark to Byte

Title     OS/2 REXX: From Bark to Byte 
Author    misc.,
          Advisor: Jerry A. Stegenga II 
          (see EMail Addresses)
Publisher IBM 
          IBM DOC: GG24-4199-00
          In Deutschland erhältlich beim 
          "IBM Literatur Service"
Edition   First Edition (12/31/1993)
Price     $35,-
          In Deutschland ca. 35,- DM 
ISBN      -
Language  English
Type      INF or Book, 336 pages 
Note      incl. Disk with sample programs 
Source    IBM
          The INF file is for example on 
          the IBM Developer Connection CD 
          Name: GG244199.INF

"From Bark to Byte" is a very good book about REXX. 
Because the authors always mention the difference between OS/2 REXX and 
REXX on the mainframe platforms this book is very useful for people 
developing multi platform REXX programs. 
This document contains the following sections: 
   *  Why REXX? 
   *  OS/2 REXX Specifics 
   *  External Functions 
   *  REXX Utilities (REXXUTIL) 
   *  The Workplace Shell and REXX 
   *  REXX and C 
   *  Multimedia REXX 
   *  REXX Interfaces to CM/2 EHLLAPI 
   *  REXX Interfaces to DB2/2 
   *  Visual REXX Builders 
   *  REXX Syntax Diagrams 
   *  OS/2 DB2/2 REXX Reference 
   *  OS/2 Workplace Shell Setup Strings and Color Defnitions 
   *  CM/2 REXX EHLLAPI Reference 
   *  Published Books, Manuals and Papers on REXX 

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