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IBM: OS/2 2.0 Procedures Language/2 Reference Manual

Title     OS/2 2.0 Procedures Language/2
          REXX Reference Manual 
Author    ?
Publisher IBM 
          IBM DOC: S10G-6268-00
Edition   First Edition, December 1991 
Price     ? 
          In Deutschland ca. 25,- DM 
          beim "IBM Literatur Service"
ISBN      0-13-780651-5
Language  English
Type      INF-File or Book 
Source    IBM

"OS/2 2.0 Procedures Language/2 REXX Reference Manual" is the reference 
documentation about REXX from IBM. 
This document is a 'must have' for every serious OS/2 REXX programmer. 
This document contains the following sections: 
   *  Introduction 
   *  General Concepts 
   *  Keyword Instructions 
   *  Functions 
   *   OS/2 API Functions 
   *   QUEUE Interface 
   *   REXX Utiltities (REXXUTIL) 
   *  Parsing 
   *  Numbers and Arithmetik 
   *  Conditions and Condition Traps 
   *  Input and Output Streams 
   *  Application Programming Interface 
   *   Invoking the REXX Interpreter 
   *   Subcommand Interfaces 
   *   External Functions 
   *   System Exits 
   *   Variable Pool Interface 
   *   Halt and Trace Functions 
   *   Macrospace Interface 
   *  Debugging Aids 
   *  Reserved Keywords and Special Variables 
   *  Useful OS/2 Commands 
   *  Error Numbers and Messages 
   *  Double-Byte Character Set (DBCS) Support 

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