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ANSI REXX Standard X3J18-199X

Title     ANSI REXX Standard X3J18-199X
          (draft version)
Author    Accredited Standards Committee 
          on Information Processing Systems,
          Technical Development Committee 
          for REXX, X3J18 
          Chairman Brian Marks (IBM)
Editor    Tom Brawn 
Publisher ANSI 
          American National Standard 
          for Information Systems 
Edition   May 3, 1995 
Price     - 
ISBN      -
Language  English
Type      Postscriptfile,
          167 pages 
Source    IBM REXX Home page 
          (see Internet - Web Pages)
          Filename: J18PUB.* 
          (filesize: 405 KB)

"This is a proposed American National Standard of Accredited Standards 
Comittee X3. As such, this is not a complete standard. The X3J18 Technical 
Committee may modify this document as a result of comments received prior 
to its apporval as a standard."   
See also:  The ANSI REXX Standard 

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