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Advanced REXX programming topics

Title     Advanced REXX programming topics 
Author    Charles Daney 
Publisher Quercus Systems 
          P.O. Box 2157 
          Saratoga, CA 95070 
          Phone: +1 (408) 867-7399
                 +1 (800) 440-5944
          Fax:   +1 (408) 867-7489
          BBS:   +1 (408) 867-7488
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Edition   - 
Price     - 
ISBN      -
Language  English
Type      Textfile
Source    BBS
          Name: ADVREXX.* 
    or    Home page of Quercus Systems,
          Name: ADVREXX.ZIP (32 K)
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This is the written copy of a presentation given by Charles Daney at the 
1st Annual OS/2 World Conference in 1994. The contents of the paper are: 
   *  How to structure data internally in a REXX program 
        -   how REXX allows structuring of data 
        -   general explanation of REXX compound variables 
        -   a detailed case study of managing a book database in REXX 
        -   Quercus Systems' REXXLIB functions that facilitate working 
           with compound variables 
   *  How to structure REXX programs into multiple files in order to 
      realize the adavantage of modularity 
        -   techniques for sharing data among a group of related REXX 
        -   using OS/2 semaphores for coordinating access to data 
        -   using OS/2 .INI files for sharing data 
        -   REXX external data queues 
        -   using OS/2 named pipes from REXX 
        -   using REXX macro spaces for creating "libraries" of REXX code 

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