REXX Tips & Tricks, Version 2.80

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Template v3.07 for a REXX program

This section contains a complete skeleton for a REXX program. 
Some of the features of the skeleton 
   *  extended error handler (see routine I!.__ErrorAbort) 
   *  include command (see routine Include) 
   *  logfile handling (see routine I!.__SetLogfileVariables) 
   *  exit routine handler (see label I!.__ProgramEnd) 
   *  predefined program variables (see routine I!.__InitProgStem) 
   *  supports internal or external routines for the message handling 
 (see also Documentation for TEMPLATE.CMD) 
 Note:  The newest version of TEMPLATE.CMD is always available at the 
        official release points of RXT&T. The name of the archive with 
        TEMPLATE.CMD is RXTnnn.EXE where nnn is the version number of 
        This archive also contains a tool to upgrade programs written with 
        previous versions of TEMPLATE.CMD. 

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