REXX Tips & Tricks, Version 2.80

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Open objects in the foreground

Use the function <SysSetObjectData twice if you want to open an object and 
run it in the foreground: 

                        /* ID of the object                           */
 objectID = "<WP_SYSED>"

                        /* open the object ...                        */
 objectOpen = SysSetObjectData( objectID, "OPEN=DEFAULT;" )

                        /* ... and bring it in the foreground         */
 if objectOpen = 1 then
   objectOpen = objectOpen + ,
                SysSetObjectData( objectID, "OPEN=DEFAULT;" )

                    /* now the value of the variable objectOpen is    */
                    /* 2 if the object is open and in the foreground, */
                    /* 1 if the object is open in the background and  */
                    /* 0 if we couldn't open the object               */

Note that the value for the key CCVIEW in the settings of the object must 
be NO to make this work (otherwise the second call of <SysSetObjectData 
would open a new window).   

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