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Setup strings for WebExplorer_Url objects (WARP 3)

The setup strings for these objects were provided by Dick Goran (see EMail 
Note that in WARP 4 you should use the object class WPUrl. 
(see also Sample program to create a WebExplorer_Url object)   

  Class WebExplorer_Url

  Key Name         Value          Description
  LOCATOR          ip address

 WebExplorer_Url objects are descended from WPDataFile. This means they 
are saved as file objects and therefore can be copied to a diskette to 
archive them or transfer them to another PC. Also note that the URL is 
saved in the file (see Getting the filename of WPDatafile objects)   
BTW:  There's a free REXX program called INI2URL (archive name: INI2URLS.* 
      ) available. This program converts the WEB Explorer Quicklist 
      entries into URL objects (author: Jim Roepcke; (see EMail 
      Addresses). Really nice! 

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