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Setup strings for WarpCenter objects

The new WarpCenter in WARP 4 supports the following setup strings: 

  Class SmartCenter

  Key Name         Value          Description
  ADDOBJECT        object         Specifies an object to be added
                                  to the current tray. object is
                                  the persistent handle of the object.

  ADDTOTRAY        traynumber, object[,...]
                                  Specifies one or more objects to be
                                  added to a tray.

  ADDTRAY          trayname[,object[,...]]
                                  Specifies the name of a new tray to
                                  be added. A list of object handles may
                                  optionally be added to the new tray.

  SAVENOW          YES            Specifies that the WarpCenter should
                                  save its configuration (now).
                                  There is no NO value for this keyword.


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