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Setup strings for Printer objects

Captured from a message in a public CompuServe Forum 
Author: Dick Goran, (see EMail Addresses) (see also Print to a file, (see 
also Setup strings for Network Printer objects, and Release or hold a 
printer queue) 


The information below is copied from the third edition of the
REXX Reference Summary Handbook:

   Class WPPrinter

  Key Name         Value          Description
  APPDEFAULT       YES | NO       This PrintObject is, or
                                  is not, to become the
                                  application's default
                                  PrintObject for

                                  Specifies the default
                                  open view for this

                   NO | YES       Specifies whether the
                                  job properties dialog
                                  is displayed before

  JOBPROPERTIES    filename       The complete path to a
                                  binary file containing
                                  the default job
                                  properties for this
                                  PrintObject. This file
                                  can be created by
                                  saving the
                                  data to a file; this
                                  data can be obtained by
                                  using the SplQueryQueue
                                  API of the spooler.

                                  For more information
                                  about spooler
                                  functions, see the
                                  Presentation Manager
                                  Programming Reference.

  OUTPUTTOFILE     NO | YES       Specifies if the output
                                  of this PrintObject
                                  goes to a file. The
                                  user will be prompted
                                  for a filename each
                                  time a print job is
                                  submitted to this

  PORTNAME         portname       The names of already
                                  installed ports (i.e.
                                  LPTx, COMx) to which
                                  this PrintObject is to
                                  be attached. In the
                                  case of more than one
                                  port, specify a
                                  comma-separated list.

  PRINTDRIVER      driver.device
                                  The complete name of
                                  the print driver that
                                  this PrintObject is to
                                  use. For example:
                                  'IBM42XX.IBM 420
                                  Proprinter III',
                                  'LASERJET.HP LaserJet
                                  Series II'. In the case
                                  of more than one print
                                  driver, specify a
                                  comma-separated list.
                                  These printer drivers
                                  must already be

                   YES            The PrintObject spools
                                  print jobs in PM_Q_RAW

                   NO             The PrintObject spools
                                  print jobs in
                                  PM_Q_STANDARD format.

                   NO | YES       Printing is not, or is,
                                  enabled while the job
                                  is spooling.

  QSTARTTIME       time           The time when the
                                  PrintObject starts
                                  printing. The time
                                  format is HH:MM, and
                                  the base is a 24-hour

  QSTOPTIME        time           The time when the
                                  PrintObject is to stop
                                  printing. The time
                                  format is HH:MM, and
                                  the base is a 24-hour

  QUEUENAME        queue_name     The local queue_name
                                  for the PrintObject. If
                                  a queue name is not
                                  specified, one is
                                  created by the
                                  PrintObject. The
                                  queue_name key will be
                                  ignored if this object
                                  has already been
                                  assigned a queue.

  QUEUEDRIVER      qdrvname       The queue driver name.
                                  The queue driver must
                                  already be installed
                                  and will usually be

  SEPARATORFILE    filename       A separator file that
                                  prints before each
                                  print job.


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